Myth – Weight Training That Will Make You Feel Tired and aches

fitness” No pain No gain ” is the principle of ” myth ” is. If you do not feel sore the day after weight training , there is nothing wrong with your training program . Used less heavy load , you should feel sore after a workout in order to grow muscle . Only if you feel sore after a workout , you know you exercise enough . Little sadistic if you ask me . You deliberately hurt yourself in order to get the desired results . Bottom line , no pain no gain right? or no pain have fun then , really so ?

If you ask me , if it’s about muscle growth , strength , whatever your goal weight training , my principle is minimum gain maximum pain ! in short , as much as possible to get maximum results with minimal sacrifice . After all , who is happy with the body aches every time after weight training ? I am not clear . As much as possible not stiff , really so ?

The theory of the ” myth ” that it is an effective weight training to shape and increase muscle mass will damage our muscle cells ( this means well , not mencederakan ) . After the effects of damage to muscle cells to trigger the body to repair the damage to the muscle cells are larger and more powerful . Thus , the muscles will grow stronger and bigger . So , if you do not feel sore , it means you are not quite ” ruin ” the muscle cells so that there is no repetition of the action of muscle cells more powerful and great after a workout .

Another talk reality . That make you grow muscle aches is not sensation . You can do bodyweight circuit training , such as bodyweight squats , sit ups , push ups and hundreds of times , until you feel fatigue and difficulty shampooing or up and down stairs a day and night . But still you will not experience muscle growth . Why ?

Because that makes muscles grow is a hormone . Hormone levels are balanced and optimized for muscle growth is not triggered by the sensation of fatigue , it’s a matter of implementing a training program is effective and efficient for muscle formation based on the philosophy and principles of strong training . While , bodyweight circuit training , although make you sore , will not make your muscles grow . The training program will not lead to considerable changes in your hormone levels for maximum muscle building , although triggering sensation sore afterwards .

In short , build muscle is not the same as sensation seeking sore. Sensation of fatigue is not a factor determining whether your muscles will grow or not , but merely an indicator . In the end, the deciding factor is hormone – balancing your hormones . If this is your hormone balance to support muscle growth , regardless of your sensations after a workout , your muscles will still grow . In contrast , however, a sense of fatigue , during hormone – growth hormone insufficient muscle , muscle growth would be very minimal .

In addition to fatigue , the sensation of fatigue is also an indication that people are generally used to assess the productivity of their weight training . In the end , the premises was deliberately looking tired sensation of weight training so that they feel effective .

In fact , depending on your goals ( which of course will affect the type of training program is undertaken ) , you may feel tired or after weight training . In fact , some of the training program , it will make you feel more refreshed after a workout , because your neuromuscular system motivated by weight training . In short , not all that effective training program will make you tired . But on the other hand , if you feel tired after weight training , does not mean you are an effective training program . Conversely , if you do not feel tired afterwards , it does not mean you are not an effective training program . Basically , instead of sensation tired after exercise to determine the effectiveness of a program , but the basic philosophy and principles behind the training in the training program structure .

Finally, to date , there has been no research that links sensation tired with increased muscle mass , muscle growth , or increase in strength over the maximum . The same thing applies to the sensation of fatigue.

So once again , whatever your goal , do not equate it with sensation seeking tired or sore ( except if that’s your goal , which I think is almost impossible ) . Suppose sensation tired and sore as a side effect of the training , not your training goals .


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