Special Tips For 6-6-12 Method

fitnessBecause there are 3 kinds of routine , Day A , B , and C are needed exercise frequency of at least 3 times a week . However , should not be excessive ( maximum of 4 times a week ) .

This method has a high volume , therefore it is recommended to consume magnesium supplements , such as Uber – Mag , to reduce ” stress ” experienced by the body . This could eventually hinder the progress and development of the training if left untreated . Therefore, magnesium , minerals deterrent as stress , will greatly help you . Still with a high volume reasons , you are advised to rest for 1 day in between training someone .

After practice , still aims to push the level of stress experienced by the body . And because of the volume of this training program is quite high , it would be very beneficial if you consume Whey Protein , Glycine , and Glutamine immediately after exercise . Then , shortly after exercise ( 2-3 hours later ) , eat Primal Primal Green or Red , which is actually the extract fiber and antioxidants from vegetables ( green ) berries and fruit ( red ) will reduce the level of oxidative stress in the body which may has increased due to the high volume of exercise .

In addition , to help build muscle , consume BCAA before and after exercise . You must also get enough vitamin D and Zinc mineral supplement every day with consumption of Excellence and D as D3 supplement Zinc is an essential component in the formation of the hormone testosterone . Because the hormone testosterone is a hormone that plays a very important in the formation of muscle , make sure levels in the body to remain in the optimal level of vitamin D and the mineral Zinc .

And lastly , make sure you get enough sleep every day because of lack of sleep can interfere with the production of growth hormone , a hormone that is also important for muscle formation . Magnesium Consumption ( Uber – Mag ) will help improve the quality of sleep .


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