How it Works Method 6-6-12

fitness6-6-12 Method has 3 kinds of routine (Day A, Day B, Day C) with every routine targeting 2 antagonist muscles, namely the chest and back, quadriceps and hamstring, and triceps / shoulders and biceps.

Each routine has only two parts, part A and B. however, no such training programs in general in this book, each part consisting of 3 exercise with the first and third exercise is the same exercise, while the second exercise is exercise for the antagonist muscle.

After the first exercise, rest for 60 seconds before doing the second exercise and 60 seconds before the second exercise and 60 seconds left before the third exercise. After that, the rest for 120 seconds before the start of the new set. You are welcome for a longer break in between sections A and B. so after completing part A by 4 sets, you can rest for 3-5 minutes before the start of part B.

Selection of the load on the 6-6-12 Method is very simple. Use the maximum load that still allows you to reach the target reps. Course load for the first exercise will be much heavier than the third exercise, because both are the same, just with different reps. In between sets, adjust your weight back. Supposedly, if you start with the right load, the load must be reduced little by little in each. Do not miss to note physical therapy exercise.


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