Myth # If you train the same muscle More than 1 time a week , or if your Performance When Training Expenses Rising , you Overtraining

fitnessOvertraining , in the field of exercise physiology , is defined as the exercise until the point where your performance decline and disruption of hormone production . However , not so popularized by the bodybuilding world . Popularizing bodybuilding world as an exercise overtraining so much until you become catabolic muscles , so the muscles refuse to grow . Unfortunately , the definition of the world binaragalah more popular among the general public , including the gym enthusiast . Continue reading


Myth – Weight Training That Will Make You Feel Tired and aches

fitness” No pain No gain ” is the principle of ” myth ” is. If you do not feel sore the day after weight training , there is nothing wrong with your training program . Used less heavy load , you should feel sore after a workout in order to grow muscle . Only if you feel sore after a workout , you know you exercise enough . Little sadistic if you ask me . You deliberately hurt yourself in order to get the desired results . Bottom line , no pain no gain right? or no pain have fun then , really so ? Continue reading